Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis
Advanced Data Analytics: Statistical Learning and Optimization
Advanced Image Analysis
Computer-Aided Design
Advanced VLSI Systems Design
Quantum Information Science Seminar
Data Science Practicum
Enterprise Integration Issues
Computer Network Attacks and Defenses
Software Security and Cyber Forensics
Computer Systems Engineering Design Project
Web Composing and Scripting
Computer Systems Engineering Design Project
Introduction to Computational Biology
Ubiquitous Computing
Functional Programming
Data Mining
Data Science II
Computing, Ethics, and Society (Honors)
Data Science I
Computer Science Special Topic
Foundations for Informatics and Data Analytics
Foundations for Informatics and Data Analytics
Programming and Software Development (Honors)
Hands-On Programming for Beginners
Doctoral Dissertation
Doctoral Graduate Student Seminar
Doctoral Research
Research Seminar
Machine Learning
Computational Intelligence
Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Biomedical Informatics
Advanced Biomedical Image Analysis
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Image Processing and Computer Graphics
Advanced Topics in Data Intensive Computing
Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems
Advanced Topics in Real-Time Scheduling
Advanced Operating System
Advanced Computer Architecture
Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: Performance Evaluation
Logic and Logic Programming
Topics in Quantum Computation
Topics in Theoretical Computer Science
Natural Language Processing Techniques
Advanced Algorithms
Advanced Topics in Information Systems
Advanced Database Systems
Enterprise Integration
Advanced Network and Security Systems
Parallel and Distributed Simulation
Advanced Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing
Parallel Processing and Computational Science
Advanced Software Engineering
Knowledge-Based Systems
Master's Thesis
Technical Report
Computer Programming
Graduate Student Seminar
Master's Research
Computer Networks: Technology and Applications
Operating Systems
Computer Systems Architecture
Automata and Formal Languages
Approximation Algorithms
Database Management
Internship in Computer Science Business/Industry
Directed Study in Computer Science
Special Topics in Computer Science
Biomedical Image Analysis
Virtual Reality
Computer Graphics
Human-Computer Interaction
Distributed Computing Systems
Computer Networks: Technology and Applications
Real-Time Scheduling
Operating Systems
Computer Architecture and Organization
Graph Theory
Quantum Computing
Evolutionary Computation and Its Applications
Artificial Intelligence
Symbolic Programming
Introduction to Robotics
Programming Languages
Algorithms for Computational Biology
Database Management
Global Information Systems
Artificial Intelligence and the Web
Web Programming
Computer Security
Simulation and Modeling
Numerical Simulations in Science and Engineering
Numerical Methods and Computing
CUDA C Programming on GPUs for High Performance Computing
Intermediate Game Programming
Introduction to Game Programming
Discrete Mathematics for Engineers
Software Engineering
Computing, Ethics, and Society
Data Structures
Introduction to Theory of Computing
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Introduction to Computational Science
Systems Programming
Computer Modeling and Science
Topics in Computing
Software Development
Introduction to Computing and Programming