Lecturer of Computer Science
Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2017

Basic Information

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610B Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center
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Journal Papers

  1. Mustafa V. Nural, Michael E. Cotterell, Hao Peng, Rui Xie, Ping Ma, John A. Miller, "Automated Predictive Big Data Analytics Using Ontology Based Semantics," International Journal of Big Data (IJBD), Vol. 2, No. 2. (October 2015) pp. 43-56.

Conference Papers

  1. Hao Peng, Santosh U. Bobade, Michael E. Cotterell, John A. Miller. "Forecasting Traffic Flow: Short Term, Long Term, and When It RainsIn Proceedings of the 2018 International Congress on Big Data (BigData'18). (June 2018) pp. 57-71.

  2. John A. Miller, Hao Peng, Michael E. Cotterell. "Adding Support for Theory in Open Science Big DataIn Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigData'17). (June 2017) pp. 71-75.

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  4. John A. Miller, Michael E. Cotterell, Stephen J. Buckley. "Supporting a Modeling Continuum in ScalaTion: From Predictive Analytics to Simulation ModelingIn Proceedings of the 2013 Winter Simulation Conference(WSC'13). (December 2013) pp. 1191-1202.

  5. Qin Sun, Michael E. Cotterell, Zhengkai Wu, Aaron Beach, Santiago Grijalva. "An Economic Model for Distributed Energy Prosumers" In Proceedings of the 46th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'13). (January 2013) pp. 2103-2112.

  6. Zhengkai Wu, Michael E. Cotterell, Qin Sun, Aaron Beach, Santiago Grijalva. "Towards a Cloud Infrastructure for Energy Informatics" In Proceedings of the 2012 Energy Informatics Conference (EI'12) (October 2012)

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  8. Qin Sun, Michael E. Cotterell, Aaron Beach, Santiago Grijalva. "The Fundamental Value of Information and Strategy in Stochastic Management of Distributed Energy StorageIn Proceedings of the 2012 North American Power Symposium (NAPS'12). (September 2012) pp. 1-6.

  9. Alok Dhamanaskar, Michael E. Cotterell, Jie Zheng, John A. Miller, Jessica Kissinger, Christian Stoeckert. "Suggestions in Galaxy Workflow Design Based on Ontologically Annotated Services" In Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS'12). (July 2012) pp. 29-42.

  10. Michael E. Cotterell, John A. Miller, Jun Han, Tom Horton. "SimOptDSL: Extending ScalaTion, a Domain-Specific Language for Modeling & Simulation, for Simulation Optimization" In Proceedings of the AlaSim International Modeling and Simulation Conference & Exhibition (AlaSim'12). (May 2012) pp. 1-1.

Technical Reports

  1. Michael E. Cotterell, Terrance Medina. "A Markov Model for Ontology Alignment" CSCI 8370 Advanced Database Systems Term Paper (December 2012); arXiv:1304.5566 [cs.DB] (April 2013) pp. 1-12.
  2. Michael E. Cotterell, John A. Miller, Tom Horton. "Unicode in Domain-Specific Programming Languages for Modeling & Simulation: ScalaTion as a Case Study" Technical Report #UGA-CS-LSDIS-TR-11-011 (May 2011); arXiv:1112.1751 [cs.PL] (December 2011) pp. 1-10.

He received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from UGA in May 2011 and December 2017, respectively. He received the CS department’s Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award and Teaching Excellence in Computer Science Award in Springs 2016 and 2018, respectively. He was also selected as a 2018--2019 UGA Faculty Online Learning Fellow and 2018--2019 UGA Faculty Writing Fellow. His research interests include Functional Data Analysis, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science Education with inter-disciplinary applications related to Statistics and Open Science.

Research Interests:

Functional Data Analysis, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science Education with inter-disciplinary applications related to Statistics and Open Science

  1. May 2019 to July 2020 - $10,800. Michael E. Cotterell (PI), Bradley J. Barnes (Co-PI). "Open & Active Course Materials for Software Development." Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation Grant, Round Fourteen (2019-2020).  
  2. May 2019 to July 2019 - $5,000. Bradley J. Barnes (PI), Michael E. Cotterell (Co-PI). "Creation of interactive tutorials to replace current text in CSCI 1302 Software Development". Provost’s Affordable Course Materials Grant (2019), University of Georgia.


Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Georgia, 2017

  • Michael E. Cotterell. "Supporting Open Science in Big Data Frameworks and Data Science Education" Doctoral Dissertation (Ph.D. in CS Degree), University of Georgia, 2017. Committee: John A. Miller (Major), Maria Hybinette, Yi Hong and Thiab Taha.