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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What programs do you offer in the Department of Computer Science?

  • MS in Computer Science ( thesis)- revised
  • MS in Computer Science (non-thesis)
  • Masters in Applied Math Science (MAMS)
  • Cybersecurity Certificate
  • PhD in Computer Science

2. What is the deadline for submitting my application?

The Graduate School has posted deadlines for submission of fall and spring applications on their website at The Department of Computer Science accepts applications on a continuous basis. Incomplete applications that do not meet the deadline for the upcoming semester are considered for the following semester. We enroll students for fall and spring only.

         * Domestic Applicants:
Fall Semester – July 1
            Spring Semester – November 15

         * International Applicants:
Fall Semester – April 15
           Spring Semester – October 15

3. How do I apply to the Certificate in Cybersecurity?

  • Open to UGA/non-UGA students with a Bachelor's degree. Courses for program: No financial aid is available for certificate program.
  • Apply with UGA Graduate School Online Application
        -Required: Official transcript of Bachelor's degree.
        -No entrance exam, UNLESS English is not the primary language in your country of educational
         instruction. If not, then TOEFL or IELTS scores are required within 2 years.
        -Separate applications are needed when seeking a certificate and a degree. Admission to the Certificate
         in Cybersecurity does not guarantee admission to a degree.
  • Contact CS Graduate Coordinator, Dr. John Miller for questions and advisement at

4. I am thinking of applying to the Department of Computer Science, but before I do, I would like to know if I would be eligible for admission with financial aid. My curriculum/vitae is attached. Would it be possible for me to know if the Department would admit me with financial aid?

The department follows a two-phase process for admission to the graduate degree program (MS, MAMS, PhD), and priority for award of department assistantships are given to selected PhD students. If the department has a need and funds are available, then assistantships may be awarded to MS or MAMS students. NOTE: The Department of Computer Science does not do an “informal” review or assessment of applications.

5. What are my chances of getting admission given my GRE score?

The GRE is only one of several criteria that the Graduate CS Admission Committee uses to evaluate applicants. The other criteria include:

  • Academic record ( GPA;
  • Caliber and reputation of the applicant’s institution (s);
  • Applicant’s academic preparation (i.e., courses taken in previous degree program (s);
  • TOEFL score (iBT) or IELTS score
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation (includes the contents of the letters and the professional/academic standing of the authors of the letters);
  • Statement of Purpose;
  • Publication record (if any);
  • Other factors which indicate that the applicant has special promise or potential.

Admission decisions are determined by the criteria above and overall quality and size of the applicant pool at the time that your application is under consideration. Also note, the Graduate School has stipulated some basic requirements for domestic and international applicants at In addition, some international applicants must satisfy basic English language proficiency requirements as described in

6. Can the GRE requirement be waived in my case?

The GRE is a UGA Graduate School requirement and can only be waived in cases of applicant possessing a valid doctoral degree. Acceptable GRE scores may be taken within 5 years. Official scores will need to be sent to the UGA Graduate School. The institution code is 5813.

7. Ideally, when should I apply for financial aid?

Most financial aid awards are made in the fall semester. Deadlines for nominating students for Presidential Graduate Fellowships are typically made in January. Deadlines for Graduate School Assistantships are typically made in February (see Graduate School website for deadlines). Decisions regarding departmental assistantships are typically made May through July for fall semester and October through December for spring semester. Students should have a completed application with required and supporting documents as early as possible if you are seeking financial assistance. NOTE: Departmental financial aid is based on applicant’s background, teaching experience, department need, and department funding availability. Awards are typically on a semester basis only and are not guaranteed for each semester.

 8. How can I be eligible for a Teaching Assistantship?

The Center for Teaching and Learning, under the auspices of the Vice President for Instruction at the University of Georgia, has stipulated certain criteria based on TOEFL iBT Speak scores and IELTS scores for eligibility for Teaching Assistant awards. Please refer to

The policy states that all TAs must:

  • Attend TA orientation,
  • ​Complete GRSC 7770 or departmental equivalent, and
  • ​For international students, demonstrate proficiency with the English language.

9. How do I apply for Research Assistant (RA) position?

Research Assistant (RA) positions are typically funded by research grants or contracts awarded to individual faculty members. You may peruse the Computer Science departmental web page ( and the webpages of individual faculty members to determine their research interests and current research projects. You may then contact the relevant faculty members to ascertain whether they have an open RA position and whether your credentials fit the requirements of the RA position.

10. I have been admitted to your program, but I have not received the I-20. What should I do?

Please contact UGA Immigration Office at the Office of International Education. Contact Ms. Haley DeLoach to help you with your I20 and COMPASS. She can tell you how to upload the financial documents through COMPASS. Her email is

11. I have been accepted to your degree program for the upcoming semester, but I have not yet received my visa to the USA. I am afraid I may not be granted a visa in time to enter the University of Georgia for the upcoming semester. Can I defer my application to the following semester?

Yes, you may defer your application. Please email with your full name and program and request to defer your application to a specified term. This must be done prior to the first day of classes for the accepted term. Please kindly cc:, Samantha Varghese, Graduate Coordinator Assistant in the Department of Computer Science.

12. I have been admitted to your degree program, but I have not arrived on the UGA campus. Can you please advise me (via email or telephone) regarding the courses I should be taking?

To be formally advised, you need to meet with Graduate Coordinator, Dr. John Miller. You will check in with the Office of International Education, Immigration Advising, next check in with Ms. Samantha Varghese, 413 Boyd, and lastly meet with Dr. John Miller in 219 Hardman Hall during posted office hours. Be sure to bring an Academic Advisement form found in the CS office to your meeting with Dr. John Miller.

13. How do I get cleared of the Academic Advisement hold and Permission of Department holds?

Students are to turn in a completed Academic Advisement form, signed by Dr. Miller to Ms. Samantha Varghese in Boyd room 413 . She will clear you of both holds. You are to clear all other holds, which can be viewed in Athena.

14. The annual expenses stated on the I-20 form exceed the assistantship award. What do I need to do?

For purposes of filling out the I-20 forms and the like, University of Georgia could come up with a total estimate of costs which somehow exceeds the assistantship award by a few thousand dollars. The estimate is arbitrary, and often higher than it needs to be; however, it must be dealt with. In this situation, you have to prove that the funds to cover the shortfall are available from your personal assets. You will need to fill out a Certificate of Finances” form and provide a supporting bank statement. However, you will not actually need to spend these funds if you are at all careful with your discretionary choices of housing, etc. in Athens, GA.

15. Can you tell me about the Intensive English Program?

See website:

16. Do I need a Proximity Card and UGA Card?

All new Computer Science graduate students should get a UGA ID card with a Proximity chip in it. The cost is $25.00 US Dollars. This will allow you to open the doors of the Computer Science labs as a TA or RA for the semester. You do not need a form from our department, since we don’t cover the cost of this card. Graduate Computer Science students will need to go to the card office in the Tate Center at UGA to have this processed. It’s important that the student tells them that he is requesting a proximity card. At that point, you can email and Anne Steward will add you to the building access list for Computer Science.

17. Where do I find out information on the academic calendar, registration dates, payment dates, final exam schedule, parts of term, and more?

See Office of Registrar at

18. Where do I find out about Graduate School forms  and Graduate School deadlines?



19. I am a new student and need to know about campus map, campus transit, campus orientation for international students, tuition and fees, student health insurance and other student services. Where can I find out more information related to these topics?


20. Where can I find Computer Science Student Resources?

See link here:

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