DIPS Lab Project Featured on Science Nation

A National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research project being conducted in the Data Intensive Pervasive Systems Lab has been recently featured on Science Nation. This research project aims to harness Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics for accurately mapping and analyzing urban heat islands. This project is being funded by the NSF under the smart and connected communities program.

Congratulations, Dr. Ramviyas Nattanmai Parasuraman and Dr. Prashant Doshi!

Congratulations to Dr. Ramviyas Nattanmai Parasuraman and Dr. Prashant Doshi for being funded a project titled “From Toys to Robots for Active Learning in Robotics and AI Education” under the Learning Technologies Grant (LTG) program of UGA. The purpose of the LTG program is to enhance teaching and learning at the University of Georgia through the innovative use of technology.

Heterogeneous Robotics (HeRo) Lab

HeRo lab conducts experimental and application-oriented research in heterogeneous robotics systems of varying functionalities and mobility capabilities. Specifically, the current research focus are on multi-robot systems, wireless networks, intelligent & intuitive teleoperation, robotics applied in nuclear, radioactive, rescue, disaster, and challenging environments, and machine learning applications to multi-agent systems.