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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Degree Requirements

Effective for Students Who Matriculated Fall 2022 or Later

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS-CS) at the University of Georgia provides a strong foundation in computer science theory and practice in the context of a liberal arts education. Typical BS-CS program graduates pursue careers in software development, systems administration, consulting, or project management. In addition, BS-CS graduates pursue graduate studies at universities throughout the country. The BS-CS program at The University of Georgia is accredited by the CAC Commission of ABET.

Our degree requirements changed for students who declared their CSCI major during the Fall 2022 semester or later.  Students who declared their CSCI major during Fall 2022 or later will fulfill the new requirements. 

The BS-CS (Effective Fall 2022) course flowchart worksheet is available for gaining insight into the pre-requisite structure. However, please note that the UGA Bulletin is the official source for degree requirements.

Students who declared their major prior to 2022 must fulfill the Pre-2022 BS-CS requirements (leads to the 2022 and after chart).  

Please note that the UGA Bulletin is the official source for degree requirements.

Summary of Requirements (Fall 2022 and later)

BS-CS degree students must satisfy four levels of requirements in 121 credit hours:

Note: Many courses can count for both a General Education Core and Franklin College requirement. For instance, taking HIST 2111 fulfills Franklin College's History requirement, provides hours toward the Social Sciences requirement for UGA, and also fulfills the United States and Georgia History requirement. All BS-CS students are required to consult an academic advisor prior to registering for classes.

Major Requirements for Computer Science

In addition to fulfilling University of Georgia's General Education Core Curriculum, BS-CS students complete major coursework. BS-CS major coursework consist of both Area IV (Major) courses as well as BS-CS Major Requirements and BS-CS Electives. All major-related coursework and associated pre-requisites must be fulfilled with grades of C (2.0) or higher. 

A grade of "C" (2.0) or higher is required in all Area VI courses and prerequisite courses CSCI 1301-1301L, CSCI 1730, and CSCI 2610 or equivalent courses that are counted as prerequisites to complete the Computer Science major. 

Area VI Requirements for Computer Science
Effective for students matriculating Fall 2022 or later

Course No. Course Title Prerequisites
CSCI 1302 Software Development CSCI 1301
CSCI 2670 Theory of Computation CSCI 2610
CSCI 2720 Data Structures CSCI 1302, CSCI 2610
MATH 2250 Calculus I MATH 1113


BS-CS Major Requirements for Computer Science 
Effective for students matriculating Fall 2022 or later

Requirement Courses Satisfying this Requirement
Computing & Society CSCI 3030: Computing, Ethics, and Society
Computer Architecture CSCI 4720: Computer Architecture
Algorithms CSCI 4470: Algorithms
Application Design CSCI 4050: Software Engineering
CSCI 4370: Database Management

(choose one of the above two courses)
Systems Design CSCI 4570: Compilers
CSCI 4730: Operating Systems
CSCI 4760: Computer Networks

(Choose one of the above three courses)
Major Electives CSCI 4000-level courses (not already taken to fulfill another CSCI requirement) (12 hours)

Students may complete an optional Area of Emphasis to give your degree more structure and help you in presenting your qualifications to potential employers.
Major Related Electives (Math) CSCI 2150-2150L
CSCI 4150/6150
MATH 2260*
MATH 2270
MATH 2400
MATH 2410/MATH 2410H
MATH 2500
MATH 2700
MATH 3000
MATH 3300
MATH 3500/MATH 3500H
MATH 3510/MATH 3510H
STAT 2000*
STAT 4210

(Choose 11 hours of the above courses. Note, choosing 7 of these hours from upper-division coursework helps students meet the requirements of 39-hours of upper division coursework overall)

*If MATH 2260 or STAT 2000 was taken to satisfy core curriculum requirements, students must select another course to satisfy major-related requirements.

Students are also required to take one of the following courses to fulfill a teamwork requirement: CSCI 4050, CSCI 4300, CSCI 4530, or CSCI 4800. This course may overlap with another CSCI requirement. 

Academic Advising

The professional advisors at the Franklin College will help you navigate this maze of requirements and achieve a timely graduation. See our Undergraduate Advising page for details on the advising process.

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