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Computer Science Undergraduate Assistant (CSUA) Program

CSUA aims to leverage the success of undergraduates who have completed the course in which they serve and wish to share their knowledge and abilities with their peers. Through experiential learning, participants provide valuable knowledge, insight, and learning strategies for both the students and the instructional team they work with, while also furthering their own mastery of related material.

The CSUA program has two paid tracks:

  • Peer Learning Assistant (PLA): PLA Participants attend lectures and labs in participating active learning Computer Science courses to assist instructors in conducting active learning exercises and answering student questions. Additionally, participants hold office hours, weekly review sessions, and aid in the creation of course content. Review sessions are entirely PLA-lead and cover material that the PLAs believe students are struggling with or would benefit from additional reinforcement. Additional job requirements may apply.
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA): UTA participants work directly with the instructional team, including Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs), to help with traditional teaching assistant activities, including assignment assessment and office hours, as needed. UTAs are regularly challenged to reinforce they knowledge about course material and ancillary concepts by grading assignments and helping create and test automated evaluation tools for assignments. Additional job requirements may apply.

Participants must have taken the course they're assigned to at the University of Georgia and received a satisfactory grade. Participants are chosen based on a competitive application process, which includes a holistic look at the student's application, including, but not limited to, their prior experience, performance in the assigned course, GPA, and scheduling availability.

Experiential Learning Requirement

Effective Fall 2019, the Computer Science Undergraduate Assistant Program (CSUA) fulfills the Experiential Learning Requirements for students with majors in Franklin College. To see if it satisfies the requirement for non-Franklin students, check, and search under the Experiential Learning tab.


Application solicitations are emailed to the "cs-majors" listserv near the beginning of each semester.




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