Course requirements for the Certificate in Applied Data Science:

The undergraduate certificate program in Applied Data Science requires 18-20 hours of coursework, with 12 hours of core courses and 6-8 hours of electives. All courses used to satisfy the certificate requirement must be passed with a grade of "C" or better.

Core courses (complete ALL the courses below) Course Description Semester hours

CSCI 1301-1301L or

CSCI 1360

Introduction to Computing and Programming or 

Foundations for Informatics and Data Analytics



CSCI 2150-2150L or

CSCI 2610*

Introduction to Computational Science

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science



CSCI 3360 Data Science I 4


Elective Course (choose TWO or THREE  from the list below) Course Description Semester hours
CSCI 4130/6130 CUDA C Programming on GPUs for High Performance Computing 4
CSCI 4150/6150 Numerical Simulations in Science and Engineering 4
CSCI 4210/6210 Simulation and Modeling 4
CSCI 4250/6250 Cyber Security 4
CSCI 4360/6360 Data Science II 4
CSCI 4370/6370 Database Management  4
CSCI 4380/6380 Data Mining 4
CSCI 4780/6780 Distributed Computing Systems 4
CSCI 4850/6850 Biomedical Image Analysis 4
STAT 4210 Statistical Methods 3
STAT 4230/6230 Applied Regression Analysis 3
STAT 4280/6280 Applied Time Series Analysis 3
STAT 4630/6630 Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics I 3

Total Semester hours

  18 - 20

*Students can substitute MATH-3200 in place of CSCI-2610.  Students must actually take one of the two courses.  A course exemption does not meet this requirement.

How to apply for the Applied Data Science Certificate:

You can apply for the certificate through Athena