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Graduate School Resources

Graduate Assistant Policy ( effective 07.01.2016). Students on assistantships must register for at least 12-14 credit hours for fall and or spring semesters, and 9 credit hours for summer semester.

Graduate Enrollment Policy

Progress Requirements

Tuition and Fees

Graduate School Form Deadlines

Graduate School Domestic Travel Deadlines:

Travel Dates (2019-2020)                      Request Deadline

October 1 – December 31                      September 6, 2019
January 1 – March 31                             December 6, 2019
April 1 – June 30                                    March 6, 2020                                      
July 1 – September 30                           June 5, 2020


Academic Calendar

Schedule of Classes

Graduate Student Handbook

UGA TA Handbook

University System of Georgia International Student Manual


Graduate Academic Advisement Form -Form to be signed by Graduate Coordinator, or Major Professor during academic advising, and required for all classes each semester.

Independent Study/Internship Form - Form to be signed by faculty of the independent study course or Graduate Coordinator for off- campus internships. Students with off-campus internships and F1 visa must register for Internship course, CSCI 7007 3 credit hours.

MS Core Competency Form (Thesis only)

MS Core Competency Form (Non-thesis only)

Phd Core Competency Form

Doctoral Domestic Travel Funding Guidelines and Travel Request Form

Foreign Travel Assistance Program

Departmental Travel Funding Request- CS graduate student must have abstract, acceptance, and submit a request to the Graduate School prior to making a request for CS departmental funding.

One Source Travel Instructions- for Travel Authorizations and Expense Report

* All other forms are found on the Graduate School website at http://grad.uga.edu/index.php/current-students/forms/.