Two booklets containing information on faculty and grad students are prepared, and will be distributed at the event. Faculty entries contain some biographical data and a description of research interests. Student entries take the form of a resume, describing courses taken, research interests, and computer-related skills.

You can find the student resume booklet [here].
You can find the faculty expertise booklet [here].

Resume Preparing Instructions (for students)

Lauren Bolland, who works in the Career Center, has generously volunteered to organize our resume book for us. She has created a Computer Science Resume Book in DAWGlink. The book is available only to graduate students in Computer science. The resume book is active now and will be active until March 17.

Lauren writes:

"Every UGA student has a DAWGlink account (access via the Career Center homepage). If hey have not already done so, students will need to activate their account and complete their profile/upload their resume. Their password until they change it is their 810#. Students will then search for "Computer Science Resume Book Spring 2009." They will apply for the resume book just like they would if it was a job description. I will be able to collect all resumes the morning of March 18 and send them to you. For additional questions, please see the instructions [here]."