This 'typical' schedule assumes that the student has not taken precalculus mathematics before arriving at UGA, and spends the first semester getting adjusted to University life before taking any Computer Science courses. A more 'accelerated' student who enters with precalculus math and wants to start on CS courses right away would take CSCI 1301 in the fall semester of his or her freshman year.

Freshman Year -- Fall Semester
ENGL 1101 English Composition I
MATH 1113 Precalculus Mathematics
POLS 1101 Political Science
HIST 2112 Post-Civil War History
CLAS 1000 Greek Culture
Semester hours: 15


Freshman Year -- Spring Semester
ENGL 1102 English Composition II
CSCI 1301 Introduction to Programming
MATH 2250 Calculus I
SPAN 1001 Introductory Spanish
Semester hours: 14


Sophomore Year -- Fall Semester
CSCI 1302 Software Development
CSCI 2610 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 2260 Calculus II
SPAN 1102 Intermediate Spanish
Semester hours: 16


Sophomore Year -- Spring Semester
CSCI 1730 Systems programming
CSCI 2670 Theory of Computing
ARHI 2100 Monuments of World Art
SPCM 1010 Communication in Society
SPAN 2001 Advanced Spanish
Semester hours: 17


Junior Year -- Fall Semester
CSCI 2720 Data Structures
CSCI 4720 Computer Architecture
CMLT 2400 Asian-American Literature
PHYS 1211 - L Physics with Lab
PEDB 1350 Beginning Tennis
Semester hours: 15


Junior Year -- Spring Semester
CSCI 4050 Software engineering
CSCI 4730 Operating Systems
MUSI 2060 History of Rock and Roll
ECOL 1000 - L Ecology with Lab
Upper-division elective
Semester hours: 17


Senior Year -- Fall Semester
CSCI 4760 Computer Networks
ECON 2100 Macroeconomics
BIOL 1103 Biology I
Upper-division elective
Upper-division elective
Semester hours:  


Senior Year -- Spring Semester
CSCI 4300 Web programming
CSCI 4370 Database management
Upper-division elective
Upper-division elective
Semester hours: 14

Total Semester Hours: 124