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Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2012 

Student: Han, Jun 
Advisor: John Miller
Dissertation: Quantitative Glycomics Using Simulation Optimization


Ph.D Graduated Students - Spring 2012

Student: Shareghi Arani, Pooya 
Advisor: Liming Cai
Dissertation: Graph Generating Systems for Predicting Biological Structures

Student: Wang, Yingfeng 
Advisor: Liming Cai and Russell Malmberg
Dissertation: Separating Structural Non-coding RNAs From Genomic Backgrounds

Student: Xiong, Yin 
Advisor: M. Hybinette and E. Kraemer
Dissertation: A Cache-aware Environment Integrating Agent-based Simulation with Parallel/Distributed Discrete Event Simulation


Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2011

Student: Barnes, Brad 
Advisor: D. Lowenthal
Dissertation: A Regression-Based System for Accurate Scalability Prediction on Large-Scale Machines

Student: Boisclair, William 
Advisor: Walter Potter
Dissertation: SYCORAX: An Automated Analyzer of the Syntactic Complexity of English Text

Student: Chen, Jianxia 
Advisor: R. Ramaswamy and David Lowenthal
Dissertation: Towards Advanced Event Monitoring Services on Decentralized and Delay Tolerant Networks

Student: Storm, Kelly 
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Dissertation: Improved Web Usage Mining Techniques through Data Mining, User Modeling, Clustering, and Behavioral Heuristic Methodologies


Ph.D Graduated Students - Spring 2011

Student: Huang, Zhibin 
Advisor: Liming Cai
Dissertation: Computational Search of RNA Pseudoknots and Structural Variations in Genomes

Student: Wang, Rui 
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer    
Dissertation: Algorithms for Semi-automatic Web Service Composition: Data Mediation and Service


Ph.D Graduated Students - Fall 2010

Student: Brewer, Douglas 
Advisor: Kang Li
Dissertation: Detecting Web Robots with Passive Behavioral Analysis and Forced Behavior


Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2010

Student: Al-Haj Hassan, Osama 
Advisor: L. Ramaswamy
Dissertation: Scalability and Efficiency in Personalized Web Services

Student: Harney, John 
Advisor: Prashant Doshi
Dissertation: Selective Querying for Adapting Web Service Compositions Using the Value of Changed Information


Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2009

Student: Tartir, Samir 
Advisor: Ismailcem Budak Arpinar
Dissertation: Ontology-Driven Question Answering and Ontology Quality Evaluation

Student: Zhao, Haibo 
Advisor: Prashant Doshi
Dissertation: Scalable Composition of Web Services Under Uncertainty


Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2008

Student: Che, Dongsheng 
Advisor: Ying Xu & Liming Cai
Dissertation: Computational Methods for Deciphering Genomic Structures in Prokaryotes

Student: Jafri, Rabia 
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Dissertation: Fusion of Face and Gait for Human Recognition

Student: Janik, Maciej 
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Dissertation: Training-less Ontology-based Text Categorizaiton

Student: Wang, Zhiming 
Advisor: John Miller
Dissertation: Using Web Services to Integrate Data and Compose Analytic Tools in Life Sciences

Student: Xie, Shaohua 
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Dissertation: Evaluating and Refining Diagrams that Support the Comprehension of Concurrency and Synchronization

Student: Zhang, Mucheng 
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Dissertation: Monte Carlo Simulation of Interacting Electron Models by a New Determinant Approach


Ph.D Graduated Students - Fall 2007

Student: Chattopadhyay, Siddhartha 
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Dissertation: Content Aware Multimedia Transcoding for Rescource Constrained Environments

Student: Maier, Fredrick 
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Dissertation: A Study of Defeasible Logics

Student: Zhong, Zhenyu 
Advisor: Kang Li
Dissertation: System Oriented Techniques for High-Performance Anti-Spam Solutions


Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2007

Student: Aleman Meza, Boanerges
Advisor: Budak Arpinar
Dissertation: Ranking Documents based on Relevance of Semantic Relationship

Student: Anyanwu, Kemafor
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Dissertation: Supporting Link Analysis Using Advanced Querying Methods in Semantic Web Database

Student: Chowdhury, Ananda
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Dissertation: Computer Vision-guided Virtual Craniofacial Surgery

Student: Rhodes, Philippa
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Dissertation: Software Visualization: Using Perceptual, Attentional, and Cognitive Concepts to Quantify Quality and Improve Effectiveness

Student: Wei, Yong
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Dissertation: Video Personalization for Resource-constrained Environments


Ph.D Graduated Students - Spring 2007

Student: Bennett, Christopher
Advisor: Walter Potter
Dissertation: Computational Proxies of Large Inputs: Improving Efficiency through Sampling

Student: Purewal, Tarsem
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Dissertation: Nondeterministic Complexity in Quantum and Classical Models of Computation


Ph.D Graduated Students - Fall 2006

Student: Song, Yinglei
Advisor: Liming Cai
Dissertation: Effective Models and efficient algorithms for Structural Bioinformatics

Student: Zhao, Jizhen
Advisor: Liming Cai 
Dissertation: Algorithms for Biological Pathway Inference and RNA Secondary Structure Analysis


Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2006

Student: He, Congzhou
Advisor: Walter Potter
Dissertation: Using Text Analysis Software in Schizophrenia Research

Student: Liu, Chunmei
Advisor: Liming Cai 
Dissertation: Tree Decomposable Models for Efficient Bioformatics Algorithms

Student: Luo, Xingzhi
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Dissertation: Stochastic Models for Object Tracking, Background Modeling and Their Applications

Student: Qian, Bo
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed              
Dissertation: Intelligent Financial Market Prediction

Student: Taylor, Ashley
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer   
Dissertation: The Study and Design of Algorithm Animations

Student: Verma, Kunal
Advisor: John Miller  
Dissertation: Configuration and Adaptation of Semantic Web Processes


Ph.D Graduated Students - Spring 2006

Student: Qu, Junfeng
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia  
Dissertation: Times Series Data Mining of Structure Changes Using Dynamic Systems


Ph.D Graduated Students - Fall 2005

Student: Martin, Jacob
Advisor: E. R. Canfield    
Dissertation: Singular Value Decomposition for Informative Retrieval, Graph Bisection, And Genetic Algorithms


Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2005

Student: Yi, Xiaochuan
Advisor: Krys Kochut    
Dissertation: A Cpnets-Based and Analysis Framework for Service Oriented Distributed Systems


Ph.D Graduated Students - Spring 2005

Student: Nakazawa, Mario
Advisor: David Lowenthal    
Dissertation: OI Considerations in Efficient Heterogeneous Data Systems

Student: Yan, Haijin
Advisor: David Lowenthal    
Dissertation: Network Support for Energy Efficient Wireless Communication


Ph.D Graduated Students - Spring 2004

Student: Windsor, Aaron
Advisor: E. R. Canfield           
Dissertation: Parallel Algorithms for Matching and Independence Problems in Graphs and Hypergraphs


Ph.D Graduated Students - Fall 2003

Student: Williams, Gita
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia           
Dissertation: The Reconfigurable MultiRing and Applications


Ph.D Graduated Students - Summer 2002

Student: Cardoso, Jorge  
Advisor: Amit Sheth           
Dissertation: Quality of Service and Semantic Composition of Workflows

Student: Guo, Jinhua
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer             
Dissertation: Consistent, Interative Steering of Distributed Computations: Algorithms and Implementation


Ph.D Graduated Students - Fall 2001

Student: Xing, Guangming
Advisor: E. R. Canfield            
Dissertation: Generating NSA for Efficient Pattern Matching


Ph.D Graduated Students - Spring 2001

Student: Luo, Zongwei
Advisor: Amit Sheth            
Dissertation: Knowledge Sharing, Coordinated Exception Handling, Intelligent Problem Solving for Cross-Organizational Business Processes


MS Graduated Students - Summer 2012 

Student: Dhamanaskar, Alok Ajit
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Bioinformatics Workflow Design Using Semantically Annotated Web Services

Student: Galli, Enrico 
Advisor: Kang Li
Thesis: Reverse Engineering Android Applicantions

Student: Sundar, Singaram 
Advisor: William York
Thesis: Invocation of Web Services in Glycomics Portal


MS Graduated Students - Spring 2012

Student: Correa, Manuel 
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Geospatial Context Awareness in Business Process Modeling

Student: Deng, Fan 
Advisor: Tianming Liu
Thesis: Functional Interactions between Gyri And Sulci

Student: Guttula, Chaitanya 
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: RadiantWeb: A Semantic Annotation Tool for Web Services

Student: Jiva, Farhan 
Advisor: Kang Li
Thesis: Helping Johnny Pentest: Addressing the Shortcomings of Black-box Web Vulnerability Scanners

Student: Medikonduru, Harini 
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Thesis: The Two Dimensional Coupled Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation-Numerical Methods and Experiments

Student: Mesbah Shoulami, Anousha 
Advisor: Prashant Doshi
Thesis: Individual Localization using Landmarks in the Presence of Other Interacting Robot

Student: Myoung, Ki Tae 
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Keyword Search in Glycomics Portal

Student: Wadhwa, Priya 
Advisor: Budak Arpinar
Thesis: Semantic Match Making & Ranking of the medical literature

Student: Wang, I-Cheng 
Advisor: Prashant Doshi
Thesis: Scalar-product based Secure Multiparty Computation

Student: Yousaf, Haseeb 
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Performance Comparison of Different Java Persistence Stores


MS Graduated Students - Fall 2011

Student: Kale, Chinmay 
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: RIO : RESTful Interface to Ontology

Student: Meng, Meng 
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed
Thesis: Automated MRI Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease Development by Machine Learning Methods

Student: Rahman, Asmita 
Advisor: Budak Aprinar
Thesis: Semantic Retrieval and Distribution of Relevant Medical Knowledge


MS Graduated Students - Summer 2011

Student: Martin, Justin 
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: ProKinOPub: A Semantic Search Engine for Protein Kinase Publications

Student: Oberai, Ankur 
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Optimizing Sparql Queries on Multi-Core Processors

Student: Thakre, Anemish 
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer and Kyle Johnsen
Thesis: Evaluation of SIMPLE (Semantically Improved Matching Procedure for Language Enabled) Conversational Agent

Student: Umer, Rahila 
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed
Thesis: Machine Learning Approaches for The Computer Aided Diagnosis and Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Clinical Data


MS Graduated Students - Spring 2011

Student: Arte, Ankit 
Advisor: Jonathan Arnold
Thesis: HiDEW: High-Speed Determination of Epigenetic Code rendered through a Web application

Student: Fan, Xiaohu 
Advisor: Kang Li
Thesis: A Study of Attacks on Collaborative Filter

Student: Ganesan, Sivanesan 
Advisor: Maria Hybinette
Thesis: Regression Leaf Forest: a Fast and Accurate Learning Method for Large and High Dimensional Data Sets

Student: Li, Xin 
Advisor: Tianming Liu
Thesis: IPad for Bioimage Informatics

Student: Mahajan, Kishor 
Advisor: L. Ramaswamy
Thesis: Towards Supporting Mobility and Advanced Semantics in Event-Based Systems

Student: Meyer, Carl Brett 
Advisor: Kang Li
Thesis: Calling All Nodes: Classifying Skype Overlay Control Flows


MS Graduated Students - Fall 2010

Student: Ahmed, Naveed
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer             
Thesis: WebAnalyzer: A tool for effective web user behavior modeling

Student: Aitha, Naveen
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar            
Thesis: A Hybrid Multi-Layer Wavelet-based Video Encoding Scheme for Computer Vision

Student: Devulapally, Hari
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar            
Thesis: Collaborative Caching for Dissemination of Videos in Resource Constrained Environments

Student: Gupta, Abhishek
Advisor: Maria Hybinette            
Thesis: Adaptive Message Clustering for Distributed Agent Based Systems

Student: Howell, Matthew
Advisor: Kang Li             
Thesis: Ranking Documents Using Degrees of Separation Analysis from a Large Dataset of Semantic

Student: Kumar, Sriti
Advisor:Kang Li            
Thesis: Detecting Bots in Internet Chat

Student: Li, Qi
Advisor: Liming Cai             
Thesis: Graph tree decomposition enabled biopolymer folding

Student: Ma, Qian
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar            
Thesis: Enabling a Multi-Party Conversational Virtual Agent through Head and Mouth Motion Tracking

Student: Rath, Bijaya
Advisor: Robert Robinson            
Thesis: Generation of Non-Isomorphic Cubic Cayley Graphs

Student: Sharma, Arpan
Advisor: Krys Kochut             
Thesis: OntoClass – A tool for Ontology Categorization

Student: Yu, Wei
Advisor: Thiab Taha            
Thesis: Numerical Methods for the Two Dimensional Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation


MS Graduated Students - Summer 2010

Student: Ganjoo, Sumedha
Advisor: John A. Miller            
Thesis: Leveraging Rest Web Services and Their Semantic Extensions for Bioinformatics Workflows: A Case Study Using Galazy

Student: Garlapati, Shiva
Advisor: John A. Miller            
Thesis: A Comparison of SAWSDL Based Semantic Web Service Discovery Algorithms

Student: Gollapudi, Naga 
Advisor: John A. Miller            
Thesis: SEMCLOUD: Using Semantics to Improve Automation on a Cloud

Student: Mahamuda, Vasim
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed             
Thesis: Machine learning techniques for the binning problem in metagenomics

Student: Patwardhen, Tapan
Advisor: Kang Li             
Thesis: Aerial Viewer: A cost effective framework for air-based video surveillance of emergency situations

Student: Swaika, Sonu
Advisor: Krys Kochut            
Thesis: Topic-Driven Document Summarization Using Untology Knowledge

Student: Treadway, Brandon
Advisor: Kang Li            
Thesis: Online Gaming and Spam


MS Graduated Students - Spring 2010

Student: Charaniya, Sadiq
Advisor: John A. Miller            
Thesis: Facilitating DL Reasoners through Ontology Partitioning

Student: Gosal, Gurinder
Advisor: Krys Kochut            
Thesis: Prokino: Design and Development of Ontology on Protein

Student: Kasture, Mayuresh
Advisor: Kang Li            
Thesis: Improving performance of SMTP relay servers: an in-kernel approach

Student: Swayampakula, Srikalyan
Advisor: John A. Miller            
Thesis: Service Oriented Web Applications: Glyco Vault as a Case Study

Student: Vijayagopal, Charulakshmi
Advisor: Shelby Funk             
Thesis: Improving Partitioned Scheduling Bounds


MS Graduated Students - Fall 2009

Student: Atluri, Kartheek
Advisor: Walter Potter            
Thesis: Snake-In-The Box Problem Using Nature Inspired Search

Student: Goenka, Kapil Vinay
Advisor: Budak Arpinar            
Thesis: Mobile Web Search Personalization Using Ontological User Profile

Student: Hohenstern, Joseph
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer             
Thesis: Analysis of Ideogram and Non-Speech Audio Techniques in Algorithm Animation

Student: Paradesi, Sharon
Advisor: Prashant Doshi            
Thesis: Integrating Behavioral Trust and Web Service Compositions

Student: Parate, Piyush
Advisor: L. Ramaswamy             
Thesis: Towards High Performance Personalized Video Content Dissemination Architecture for Mobile Devices

Student: Pennington, Cary
Advisor: John A. Miller            
Thesis: Building Federated Bioinformatics Databases Using Web Services

Student: Purvee, Edwin
Advisor: Krys Kochut            
Thesis: Optimizing SPARQLeR Using Short Circuit Evaluation of Filter Clauses

Student: Razavi Hessabi, Mir Shahab
Advisor: E. R. Canfield             
Thesis: A Study of QMA, QCMA, and Their Oracle Separation

Student: Shastri, Shefali
Advisor: John A. Miller            
Thesis: Use of Semantics in Designing and Executing Scientific Workflows: A Case Study

Student: Viswanath, Meghana
Advisor: Krys Kochut            
Thesis: Ontology-based Automatic Text Summarization

Student: Yin, Sheng
Advisor: Budak Arpinar            
Thesis: A Pattern-Based Annotation Approach, an Ontology-Driven Rote Extractior for Pattern Disambiguiation


MS Graduated Students - Summer 2009

Student: Bellipady, Kushel
Advisor: John A. Miller            
Thesis: Ontology Driven Simulation Using Ontology Mediation Techniques


MS Graduated Students - Fall 2008

Student: Ibanez, Conrad
Advisor: Eileen T. Kraemer            
Thesis: GUS SB – A Schema Browser For The Genomics Unified Schema (GSU)


MS Graduated Students - Summer 2008

Student: He, Tianhao
Advisor: Maria Hybinette            
Thesis: Interest Manager Mechanisms for Distributed Multi-Agent-Based Simulations Using an Optimistic Executive

Student: Kolli, Ravikanth 
Advisor: Prashant Doshi            
Thesis: Scalable Matching of Ontology Graphs Using Partitioning

Student: Mathew, Amit
Advisor: Smith, J.            
Thesis: MAGE: A Flexible Plugin-Based Approach to Game Engine Architecture

Student: Mcknight, Bobby
Advisor: Budak Arpinar             
Thesis: From a Genome Database to a Semantic Knowledge Base

Student: Narra, Rajesh
Advisor: John Miller / William York           
Thesis: Qrator: A Population and Curation Tool for GlycO Ontology

Student: Nimmagadda, Shravya
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: GLYCOVAULT: A Web-Based Resource for Glycan Pathway Visualization, Analysis and Modelling


MS Graduated Students - Fall 2007

Student: Cameron, Delroy
Advisor: Budak Arpinar             
Thesis: SEMEF: A Taxonomy-Based Discovery of Experts, Expertise and Collaboration


MAMS Graduated Students - Summer 2007  

Student: Ding, Shanshan
Advisor: Thiab Taha            
Thesis: Applying Mean-Reverting Pricing European Options


MS Graduated Students - Summer 2007

Student: Decker, Sheron
Advisor: Budak Arpinar            
Thesis: Detection of Bursty and Emerging Trends Towards Identification of Researchers at the Early Stage of Trends

Student: Lathem, Jonathan
Advisor: Amit Sheth/John Miller            
Thesis: SA-REST: Bringing the power of semantics to REST based services

Student: Li, Hongchao
Advisor: Liming Cai            
Thesis: Computing Images of Protein Cores for Protein Threading

Student: Thirumalai, Sujeeth
Advisor: L. Ramaswamy/Amit Sheth            
Thesis: Keyword Search Interface for Path Queries on Ontology

Student: Wu, Zixin
Advisor: Amit Sheth          
Thesis: TagSense: Marrying Folksonomy and Ontology

MS Graduated Students - Spring 2007

Student: Agarwal, Manish
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer             
Thesis: Viewing Behavior Model Graphs (Vemg) for Characterizing User Viewing Behavior in Program Visualizations

Student: Chatterjee, Debdatta
Advisor: Daniel Everett            
Thesis: Measurement of Intrusions in a University Environment

Student: Foster, Ryan
Advisor: Thiab Taha          
Thesis: Web Based Interface for Numerical Simulations of Nonlinear Evolution Equations

Student: Hooge, David
Advisor: Budak Arpinar              
Thesis: Extraction and Indexing of Triplet-Based Knowledge Using Natural Language Processing

Student: Kaldate, Shradha
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer            
Thesis: Analysis of Viewing Behavior of Program Visualization and Interaction With Individual Differences

Student: Yang, Hongyu
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer            
Thesis: Phylogenetic Tree Display: A Web-Based Visualation Tool for Phylogenetic Data


MS Graduated Students - Fall 2006

Student: Lewis, Micah
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Efficient Monitoring of Seed and Grain Storage for the Prevention of Product Degradation

Student: Matthews, Glenn
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed            
Thesis: Using Temporal Difference Learning to Train Players of Nondeterministic Board Games

Student: Patterson, Richard
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Security and Authorization Issues in Hl7 Electronic Health Records: A Semantic Web Services Based Approach


MS Graduated Students - Summer 2006

Student: Gonen, Bilal
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Semantic Browser

Student: Hassell, Joseph
Advisor: Budak Arpinar
Thesis: Ontology-Driven Automatic Entity Disambiguation in Unstructured Text

Student: Moore, Michael 
Advisor: Kang Li
Thesis: ETCP: A Flexible, Asymmetric Protocol for Network Applications

Student: Pavagada, Ravi
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Supporting Keyword Search on Semantic Web Documents

Student: Rabbani, Reiman
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed
Thesis: Predicting Microbial Activity during Composting using Machine Learning Techniques


MS Graduated Students - Spring 2006

Student: Black, Rebekah
Advisor: Don Potter
Thesis: TCPMISSING: An Intelligent Analytical Component for the Determination of Missing Packets

Student: Oldham, Nicole
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Semantic WS-Agreement Partner Selection

Student: Penmetsa, Shalini
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Colored Petri Net Specifications of Compenent Interactions in UML 2

Student: Reed, Bina
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Investigating Characteristics of Effective Program Visualizations: A Testing Environment and the Effect of Comparison Cueing and Exchange Techniques on Viewer Comprehension in Algorithms Animations

Student: Vasquez, Ivan
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Providing Fault Tolerance for Transactional Web Services


MS Graduated Students - Fall 2005 

Student: Gao, Xin
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer 
Thesis: An Image Segmentation Based Methods for Stereo Correlation with Viewpoints at Different Depth Locations

Student: Kaluskar, Nivedita
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: XML-Based Specification and Automatic Code Generation For Easy Customization of View in the GUS WDK Framework

Student: Li, Ke
Advisor: John Miller 
Thesis: Lumina: Using WSDL-S For Web Service Discovery

Student: Milnor, William
Advisor: A. Sheth/J. Miller 
Thesis: Spam Filtering Using Social Networks 

Student: Springer, Robert
Advisor: David Lowenthal 
Thesis:Optimizing Time and Energy in MPI Programs on a Power-scalable Cluster

Student: Su, Yanqi
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer 
Thesis: Comparative Genomics Visualization

Student: Zheng, Wenlong
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar 
Thesis: Face Detection and Tracking Using a Boosted Adaptive Particle Filter


MS Graduated Students – Summer 2005

Student: Morris, Aura
Advisor: Kang Li 
Thesis: Spam Filtering Using Social Networks 

Student: Veal, Bryan
Advisor: Kang Li
Thesis: Using Self Clocking for Passive Estimation of TCP Round-Trip Times 

Student: Wang, Hongyu
advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Parallel Algorithms for Image and Video Mosaic Based Applications 

Student: Yeluri, Durga
advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Gait of Cranial Cruciate Deficient Dogs With Osteoarthritis 

Student: Zhang, Zhijun
advisor: John Miller
Thesis: The Ontology Query Languages for the Semantic Web: A Performance Evaluation 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 2005

Student: Brown, William Joshua
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: An Iterated Local Search with Adaptive Memory Applied to the Snake in the Box Problem

Student: Gatamaneni, Gayathri
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: DO4WS: Distributed Orchestration for Web Services 

Student: Lin, Lin
Advisor: Budak Arpinar
Thesis: Discovering Semantic Between Web Services Using Their Pre and Post-Conditions 

Student: Mulye, Ranjit
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: METEOR-S Process Design and Development Tool

Student: Stiles, Eric
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed
Thesis: Bone Desktop: A visualization tool for the evaluation of external skeletal fixation proposals 

Student: Zhang, Chongshan
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed
Thesis: Improving GA Performance by Using Maximal Hyper-Rectangle Analysis and Relative Fitness

Student: Zhou, Yuchao
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: An Area Exploration Strategy Evolved by Genetic Algorithm 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 2004

Student: Agarwal, Abhishek
Advisor: Maria Hybinette
Thesis: Merging Parallel Simulations

Student: Chafekar, Deepti 
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed
Thesis: Constrained Multi-Objective Optimization Using Steady State Genetic Algorithms 

Student: Oundhakar, Swapna
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Semantic Web Service Discovery in a Multi-Ontology Environment

Student: Rajasekaran, Preeda
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Enhancing Web Service Descriptions Using WSDL-S 

Student: Thomas, Sujith
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: An Experiment Designer Tool for Evaluation of Program Visualization Quality

Student: Zhou, Wendo
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: Parallel Out-Of-Core RNA PseudoKnot Prediction Algorithm 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 2004

Student: Aggarwal, Rohit
Advisor: Miller/Sheth
Thesis: Constraint Driven Web Service Composition in METEOR-S

Student: Cashin, Edward
Advisor:David Lowenthal
Thesis: Automated Control of Hardware and Software-Based Fault Isolation 

Student: Dai, Jianliang
Advisor: Liming Cai
Thesis: MBLAST-PK: A Fast Algorithm for RNA PseudoKnotted Structure Prediction

Student: Dong, Shiming
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Calculation, Visualization, and Manipulation of MASTs (Maximum Agreement Subtrees) 

Student: Halaschek-Wiener, Christian
Advisor: Arpinar/Sheth
Thesis: A Flexible Approach for Ranking Complex Relationships on the Semantic Web 

Student: Krishnan, Rupa
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: An Experimental Study of TCP Over IEEE 802.11 Power Saving Mode 

Student: Liu, Kan
Advisor: Liming Cai
Thesis: An Efficient Algorithm for Aligning Sequences to RNA Secondary Structure 

Student: Mehta, Diptee
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed
Thesis: Machine Learning Approaches for Biomaterial Modeling 

Student: Ramyaa
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Finding Hamilton Cycles in Digraphs and Restricted Cayley Digraphs 

Student: Ross, Matthew
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: A Testing Environment for the Evaluation of Program Visualization Quality

Student: Wang, Jian
Advisor:Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Feature Search in Biological Sequence Data: Analysis of Gene-Finding Tools and Implementation of Interactive Pattern Search 

Student: Yu, Yihai
Advisor:Thiab Taha
Thesis: Stiff Problems in Numerical Simulation of Biochemical and Gene Regulatory Networks 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 2004

Student: Chugh, Abhishek
Advisor: Maria Hybinette
Thesis: Towards Adaptive Caching for Parallel and Distributed Simulations

Student: Giriloganathan, Karthikeyan
Advisor: Budak Arpinar
Thesis: A Rule-Based Approach 

Student: Sachdev, Vinay
Advisor: Maria Hybinette
Thesis: Overcoming Over-Optimism in Time Warp Via Aggregation of Fast Processes 

Student: Tariman, Kaan
Advisor: Liming Cai
Thesis: Genetic Algorithms for Stochastic Context-Free Grammar Parameter Estimation 

Student: Zhang, Qin
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Mini-Lab: A Tool to Visualize Normal Modes of Vibration Using Java3D 

Student: Zhang, Ruoyan
Advisor: Budak Aprinar
Thesis: Ontology-Driven Web Services Composition Techniques 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 2003

Student: Li, Nan
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: Energy-Efficient Program Layout for Multi-bank Architectures 

Student: Patil, Abhijit
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Meteor-S Web Service Annotation Framework 

Student: Warade, Chetna
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Web Services Composition for Microarray Data Analysis


MS Graduated Students – Summer 2003

Student: Jones, Felicia
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Medical Image Segmentation 

Student: Kolychev, Dmitri
Advisor: Khaled Rasheed
Thesis: Microsatellite Detection and Consensus Sequence Verification by Virtual PCR and Machine Learning

Student: Sivashanmugam, Kaarthik
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: The Meteor-S Framework for Semantic Web Process Composition 

Student: Yardi, Shrirang
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: A Reconfigurable Multi-Processor Integrated Cirucit for Floating Point Intensive Algorithms

Student: Zhang, Weicheng
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: A User Friendly Environment for Gene-Finding Program Evaluation (GFPE)


MS Graduated Students – Spring 2003

Student: Bentley, Christopher
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: Low Cost Array Bounds Checking for 64-bit Architectures 

Student: Chen, Feng
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Similarity Analysis of Video Sequences Using an Artificial Neural Network

Student: Ling, Yangrong
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Statistical Dimension Reduction Methods for Appearance-Based Face Recognition 

Student: Shanmuhan, Mullai
Advisor: Budak Arpinar
Thesis: Semanta: An Ontology Driven Semantic Link Analysis Framework 

Student: Sun, Feng
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: A New Linear Algorithm for Checking a Graph for 3-Edge- Connectivity 

Student: Wu, Yunzhou
Advisor: Liming Cai
Thesis: Implementation Improvements to an RNA Pseuddoknot Prediction Algorithm 

Student: Zhong, Weiwei
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Using Traveling Salesman Problem Algorithms to Determine Multiple Sequence Alignment Orders


MAMS Graduated Student – Spring 2003

Student: Howell, Helen
Advisor: Walter Potter
Technical Report: Net and Diverse Data Source Integration


MS Graduated Students – Fall 2002

Student: Chandrasekaran, Senthilanand
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Composition, Performance Analysis and Simulation of Web Services

Student: Che, Dongsheng
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Application of Efficient External Memory Algorithms to Simulated Web Graphs 

Student: Gundlach, Michael
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: A Power-Aware Scheduler for Wireless Multimedia Clients 

Student: Ji, Rubao
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Dynamic Connectivity Algorithms for Feynman Diagrams

Student: Selvaraj, Arumugaraja
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Interactive Computational Steering: Conservative VS. Optimistic Steering Approaches

Student: Zhu, Jianping
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: A Fast Algorithm to Determine Minimality of Strongly Connected Digraphs 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 2002

Student: Chinthamalla, Deepak
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Blackboard-Based Information Systems: Querying and Resolution

Student: Huang, Jinling
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Parallel Computing for Reconstructing Physical Maps

Student: Kannan, Gopinathan
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Specification and Rapid Deployment of Communication Protocols for Peer-To-Peer Systems

Student: Sipani, Sudhanshu
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Db4XML: Design and Performance of an XML Database Engine 

Student: Weatherly, Daniel
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: A-MPI: Supporting MPI on a Nondedicated Cluster of Workstations 

Student: Zhang, Xin
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: A JAVA/XML-Based Intelligent Information System 

Student: Zhu, Xiaoliang
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Enhancing Workflow Fault Tolerance Using Replication Technique 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 2002

Student: Cao, Huantian
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: AUTOGF: An Automated System to Calculate Coefficients of Generating Functions

Student: Miller, David
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: An Optimistic Approach to Computational Steering 

Student: Procopio, Joseph
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: A Three-tier Design for Allowing Thin Clients Using XML Lathered in SOAP TO Access Legacy Applications 

Student: Wang, Xuting
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Multiple Sequence Alignment Using Traveling Salesman Problem Algorithms


MS Graduated Students – Fall 2001

Student: Arumugam, Madhan
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: The Peer-To-Peer Semantic Web: A Distributed Environment for Sharing Semantic Knowledge on the Web

Student: Dhawan, Ritu
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Evaluation of Web Personalization Software and Visualization with the Help of Usability Study

Student: Fang, Xiang
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: J3DV: A Java-based 3D Database Visualization Tool 

Student: Gannamaraju, Raghunath
Advisor: Surendar Chandra
Thesis: Palmist: A Tool to Log Palm System Activity 

Student: Kim, Won-Jung
Advisor: Amit Sheth 
Thesis: Knowledge Based Personalization 

Student: Song, Minrong
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Repo X: An XML Repository for Workflow Designs and Specifications 

Student: Wang, Qun
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Reducibility and Flows on Feynman Diagrams 

Student: Wu, Rong
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Visualization as an aid for understanding distributed algorithms: an evaluation 

Student: Wu, Tao
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: An Extensible Framework for Developing Visualization Software for Gene Expression Data 


MAMS Graduated Students – Fall 2001

Student: Zeng, Xiao-Qing
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Technical Report: Web-Based Simulation of Lake Lanier Water Quality


MS Graduated Students – Summer 2001

Student: Bhattiprolu, Srikanth
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: TAP: A Tool for Evaluating Processor Assignments in Task and Data Parallel Programs 

Student: Burte, Piyush
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: A Visualization-based Tool in Support of High Throughput Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies 

Student: Chen, Zhangyun
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: A Linear Time Algorithm for Testing a Graph for 3-Edge-Connectivity 

Student: Chinwala, Maria
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Algebraic Languages for XML Databases 

Student: Huang, Xueqin
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: XML-Based Messaging in the JSIM Simulation Environment 

Student: Kohn, Brandon
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Practical Consideration in Monitoring and Steering of Distributed Computations 

Student: Liu, Renyi
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Thesis: Numerical and Parallel Algorithms for the CMKDV Equation

Student: Malhotra, Rakesh
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: XML Database Engines 

Student: Myers, Jonathan
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Inferring Fragment Overlaps in DNA Sequence Assembly 

Student: Xiong, Yin
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: An Exploratory Environment for Concurrency Control Algorithms 

Student: Xu, Zheng
Advisor:Jonathan Arnold
Thesis: Mapping by Sequencing Using ODS3 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 2001

Student: Aleman Meza, Boanerges
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Technical Report: Advances in Numerical Simulation of Kinetics Reactions Equations


MS Graduated Students – Spring 2001

Student: Kadandale, Sneha
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Visualizations in Support of Network Monitoring and Control

Student: Patel, Shuchi
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Planning and Optimizing Semantic Information Requests Using Domain Modeling and Resource Characteristics 

Student: Price, Gregory
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: A Comparative Analysis of Fine-Grain Threads Packages 

Student: Ruihua, Liu
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Thesis: Numerical and Parallel Algorithms for the CMKDV Equation

Student: Thacker, Sanjeev
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Knowledge modeling for study of domains and inter-domain relationships – A learning paradigm 

Student: Tian, Hui
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Storage Management Issues for High Performance Database Visualization 

Student: Xu, Xiangming
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Thesis: Parallel Split-Step Fourier Methods for the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations

Student: Xue, Mei
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Finding Hamilton Cycles in Cubic Graphs 

Student: Yang, Jun
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Application of Stereocorrelation in Medical Imaging 

Student: Zhang, Yong
Advisor: Kraemer
Thesis: A Visualization System for Protein Interaction Mapping Using Java 3D Technology 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 2001

Student: Orsega, Michael
Advisor: Dan Everett
Technical Report: Algorithm Visualization Using Microsoft Excel: The Generalized Reciprocal Method for Seismic Refraction Interpretation

Student: Skinner, James
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Technical Report: Deployment Interface Module for the United States Army 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 2000

Student: Gupta, Abha
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: The Cooperative Interoperability Models for METEOR WFMS 

Student: Kota, Raghuram
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Parallel Algorithms for the Maximum-Likelihood Model for Chromosome Reconstruction 

Student: Morris, Donald George
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: Accurate Data Redistribution Cost Estimation in Distributed Shared Memory Systems 

Student: Qu, Junfeng
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Simulation of Random Maximal Circuits in Complete Graphs 

Student: Roy, Nilay Kumar
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Designing Polymer Blends Using Neural Network, Genetic Algorithms, Markov Chains, and an Intelligent Information Manager

Student: Singh, Dilpreet
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: An Agent-Based Architecture for Query Planning and Cost Modeling of Web Sources

Student: Yu, Jun
Advisor: John Kececioglu
Thesis: Using Linear Programming Branch-and-bound Algorithm to Separate Repeats in DNA Sequencing 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 2000

Student: Chandrasekaran, Shankar
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Parallel MPEG Parsing

Student: Chen, Yufeng
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Design and Implementation of Dynamic Process Definition Modification in ORBWork Enactment System 

Student: Dhar, Shefali Dolly
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Development of AJAR: A Workflow Application System for Automation of Journal Review

Student: Guntamadugu, Mukesh
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: METIS: Automating Meta-Base Creation from Multiple Heterogeneous Sources

Student: Gupta, Navin
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Performance Considerations in the Monitoring and Visualization of Distributed Computation

Student: Johri, Priyank
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: PUMPS: Protocol Uploading and Management Protocol Server

Student: Lakshminarayan, Sriram
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries Using Inter Ontological Relationships

Student: Li, Zhongqiao
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Using Collaboration Task in OrbWork Enactment System for METEOR Workflow Management System 

Student: Narashimhan, Balasubramanian
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: TWARITHA – A FAJT User Level Simulator for Virtual Memory

Student: Palsena, Narayanan
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: A Framework for Creating Information Landscapes and Modeling Metadata in the Context of Digital Earth

Student: Poreddy, Sivananda
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: FGDB: Design and Java Implementation of Fungal Genome Database 

Student: Tripathy, Susmita
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: WFTP: Design and a RMI Implementation of a Workflow Transport Protocol for ORBWORK


MAMS Graduated Student – Summer 2000

Student: Szaroletta, William
Advisor: John Miller
Technical Report: Data Mining of Financial Time Series Data to Enhance Portfolio Management 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 2000

Student: Multer, Adam David
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Issues in the Design and Implementation of World Wide Web-Based Systems for the Creation, Modification, and Presentation of Database Information

Student: Pootheri, Sridhar
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Counting classes of labeled 2-connected graphs 

Student: Tao, Junxiu
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: HLA – compliant distributed JSIM 

Student: Vuppula, Himabindu
Advisor: Eileen Kraemer
Thesis: Practical Algorithms for Snapshot Collection in Distributed Systems: Implementation, Evaluation and Discussion 


MAMS Graduated Student – Spring 2000

Student: Sharma, Anil
Advisor: Walter Potter
Technical Report: PlantSage: Your Destination For Plant Knowledge 


MS Graduated Student – Fall 1999

Student: Bhogadi, Kiran
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Decomposition and Generation of Minimal Strongly Connected Digraphs 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1999

Student: Balasubramanian, Karthikeyan
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: Efficient Support for Pipelines in Distributed-Shared Memory Systems 

Student: Bhukhanwala, Ketan
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Workflow Interoperability for the METEOR Workflow Management System 

Student: Khan, Aditi Mukul
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Workflow Interoperability Protocol (SWAP Specification) Implementation for the ORBWork System 

Student: Mahajan, Vineet
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: A Multi-Agent System for Metadata Management and Information Brokering 

Student: Ragavan, Subramanian
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: HyFi: Architecture Independent Parallelism Using the Filaments Package 

Student: Ray, Subhrajit
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: : Ontology-Based Media Independent Correlation of Information Across Heterogeneous Distributed Resources 

Student: Sheth, Sonali Chandrakant
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Query Languages and Tools for XML 

Student: Somasekar, Sugithra
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: An Intelligent Information System for Integration of Forest Decision Support Systems 

Student: Xu, Jingshan
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: A PVM Implementation of Hardwood Lumber Production Strategy Determination 


MAMS Graduated Student – Summer 1999

Student: Nammalwar, Premini
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Technical Report: Segmentation of MR Multispectral Images Using a Hierarchical Self Organizing Map


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1999

Student: Fan, Mei
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Security System for METEOR Workflow Management System 

Student: He, Xiaomei
Advisor: G. Q. Zhang
Thesis: A Functional Implementation of Kozen’s Axiomitization of Kleene Algebra 

Student: Luo, Huaping
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: The WIPS: An Expert Database System Application 

Student: Mao, Changyi
Advisor: G.Q. Zhang
Thesis: An SML Experimentation with Automata Minimization and Satisfiability 

Student: Swarup, Ashish Jagmohan
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: ALPS: Application Level Protocol Specification Language and Its Implementation 

Student: Xiang, Xuewei
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Use of Agents to Control the Execution of Simulation Components 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1998

Student: Ali, Syed Abid
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Stereocorrelation on SIMD Architecture 

Student: Barfield, Robert
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Segmentation of Digitized Mammograms 

Student: Bertram, Clemens
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Semantic Correlation of Heterogeneous Distributed Assets in INFOQUIT

Student: Cai, Xiaohui
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Thesis: Efficient Connectivity Algorithms for Small Dense Graphs

Student: Ge, Yongfu
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Development of a Web-Based Simulation Environment Using Java Beans 

Student: Jiang, Xia
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Pattern Recognition for Applications in Medical Imaging 

Student: Mishra, Anurag
Advisor: Dan Everett
Thesis: A Corba-Java Implementation of SNMPVL-Based Management Framework

Student: Parasuraman, Krishnan
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: INFOQUILT: Representation and Infrastructural Aspects of Information Correlation 

Student: Tang, Mengjin
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Optimal Hardwood Log Breakdown Decision Determination for Live Sawing Using 3D Log and Internal Defects


MAMS Graduated Student – Fall 1998

Student: Qafoku, Nikolla Petraq
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Technical Report: A Mini-model for Continuous Simulation of Solute Transport and Other Chemical Phenomena in Variable Charge Subsoils 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1998

Student: Howard, Gregory Monroe
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Thesis: An Integrated Compiler/Run-time System for Global Data Distribution 

Student: Mayhorn, Susan Gardner
Advisor: Dan Everett
Thesis: Construction of Minimally Strongly Connected Digraphs 

Student: Singh, Harvinder
Advisor: Dan Everett
Thesis: Simulation of RSVP Using CORBA 

Student: Warke, Yashodhan Sharad
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Integrated Parsing of MPEG Compressed Video 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1998

Student: Machaka, Salem Adnan
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Parallel Algorithms for Chromosome Physical Mapping Using a Cluster of Workstations 

Student: Mehra, Vivek
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Designing an Object-Relational Database for GIS Applications 

Student: Pecqueur, Andre Justin
Advisor: John Kececioglu
Thesis: An Experimental Study of Edmonds’ algorithm for maximum-cardinality matchings in general graphs 


MAMS Graduated Student – Spring 1998

Student: James, Michael
Advisor: David Lowenthal
Technical Report: Runtime Methods for Efficient Pipelined Parallel Programs 


MS Graduated Students – Winter 1998

Student: Hu, Xiaolet
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Parallelizing the MPEG Decoding Algorithm 

Student: Jiang, Yong
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: The Repository System of METEOR2 Workflow Management System 

Student: Natarajan, Vijaya Lakshmi
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: JFGDB: A Java Based Fungal Genome Database 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1997

Student: Liu, Yuhua
Advisor: John Kececioglu
Thesis: An Implementation of Suffix Tree Data Structure and Its Application to String Matching 

Student: Velmurugan, Selvam
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Collaborative Tele-Consulting for Healthcare 

Student: Xu, Weixiong
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: NEOWork: A Reliable CORBA-based Workflow Enactment System for METEOR2 

Student: Zhao, Hongwei
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: A Graphical Designer for JSIM 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1997

Student: Maheshwari, Shivani
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: A CORBA and Java Based Object Framework For Integration of Heterogeneous Systems 

Student: Palaniswami, Devanand
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Development of WebWork: METEOR2‘s Web-Based Workflow Management System 

Student: Zheng, Ke
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Designing Workflow Processes in METEOR2 Workflow Management System 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1997

Student: Chhatrapati, Nirav
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Depth Estimation Using Axial Motion Stereo 

Student: Das, Souvik
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: ORBWork: A Distributed, CORBA-based Runtime for the METEOR2 Workflow Management System 

Student: Gonsalves, Samir Dominic
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: A General Windows Environment for Design of Digital Systems 

Student: Gupta, Bhushan
Advisor: G. Q. Zhang
Thesis: Satisfiability, Binary Decision Diagrams and Minimization 

Student: He, Liping
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: A Design Toolkit for Graphic User Interfaces with Vibrant and Motif 

Student: Huang, Lianbo
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Synthesis of Logic Networks from Asynchronous Models with Motif User Interface 

Student: Khombhadia, Aparna
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Rapid MPEG Navigator 

Student: Laconte, Leonard
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: SWORDD: A Simple Widely-available Object-Relational Database Design-tool 

Student: Lin, Chenye
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: A Portable Graphical Workflow Designer

Student: Mudumbai, Srikekha
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Customizable, Extensible, metadata-based access to Bederated image repositories 

Student: Nair, Rajesh Sasidharan
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: A Java-Based Query Driven Simulation & Animation Environment 

Student: Worah, Devashish
Advisor: Amit Sheth
Thesis: Error Handling and Recovery for the ORBWork Workflow Enactment Service in METEOR 

Student: Xue, Jinghai
Advisor: G. Q. Zhang
Thesis: The Functional Programming Style 

Student: Zhang, Zhiwei
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: A Java-Based Simulation and Animation Environment: JSIM’s Foundation Library 


MS Graduated Students – Winter 1997

Student: Cao, Jun
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Continuous Time Markov Chain Analyzer 

Student: Dennis, Aideen
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Simulation of the Time Warp Protocol for Database Transaction 

Student: Duggirala, Poornachandra
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Classification of Digitized Mammograms 

Student: Jia, Peiying
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: A Portable Graphical Environment for Teaching Intermediate Code Development 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1996

Student: Fang, Yi
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: A Feature-Based Stereo Correspondence Algorithm 

Student: Giberson, Carolyn
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: SQUID: An Object-Oriented Database Management System 

Student: Wang, Xueke
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: X Timing Models for Asynchronous Logic Design Analysis With Motif User 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1996

Student: Pinto, Clyde Savio
Advisor: Ron McClendon
Thesis: Prediction of Aflatoxin Contamination in Peanuts Using Artificial Neural Networks 

Student: Zhang, Hui
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Image Segmentation Using Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms 

Student: Zhang, Tianbin
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Image Processing for Detection of Potential Breast Abnormality 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1996

Student: Huang, Chang
Advisor: G. Q. Zhang
Thesis: Results on a Modal Logic for Beliefwith Default Domain Models 

Student: Rouhani, Aram
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Parallel Stereocorrelation 

Student: Sharma, Prymod Kumar
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Design and Testing of a VLSI Motion Detector 

Student: Yang, Lin
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Application of Stereocorrelation in Medical Imaging 

Student: Zhang, Hong
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: An Approach to GUI – Implementation in the XWindow Environment 


MS Graduated Students – Winter 1996

Student: Guo, Qi
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Stereocorrelation with Single-Featured Template 

Student: Murugan, Arunachalam
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: A Graphical Workflow Designer 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1995

Student: Lu, Peng
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Thesis: Domain Decomposition Method with Correction in Piecewise Harmonic Function 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1995

Student: Wang, Xuzhong
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Implementation and Performance Evaluation of CORGA-Based Centralized Workflow Schedulers 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1995

Student: Chirravuri, Sridhar
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Massively Parallel Applications on the MasPar 

Student: Edwards, Bonnie Michelle
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Implementing and Evaluating Common Repository Services 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1995

Student: Park, Jungin
Advisor:Hamid Arabnia
Technical Report: Process Farming in Parallel Stereocorrelation 


MS Graduated Students – Winter 1995

Student: Bacchus, M. Shaheed
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Pyramidal Image Processing 

Student: Qu, Su
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Feature-Driven Area-Based Stereo Matching Method on PVM 

Student: Zeng, Xia
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Thesis: Combinatorial Methods in Feature Extraction


MAMS Graduated Students – Winter 1995

Student: Latimer, Michael
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Technical Report: Adding a Separate Graphical User Interface


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1994

Student: Abuelenein, Ihab
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Issues and Database Design 

Student: Roy, Sumit
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Parallel Implementation and Performance Analysis for the Relational Join Operator 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1994

Student: Zhang, Wensheng
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: GPOMT: A CASE Design Tool Based on the Object Modeling Technique (OMT) 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1994

Student: Perera, Niranjan
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Technical Report: SOLMON: A SQL Frontend to the POSTGRES Database System


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1994

Student: Ramesh, Deepa
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Hybrid Transaction Management Protocol: Combining Time Warp and Multiversion Timestamp Ordering 

Student: Somal, Preeti
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Object Oriented Databases 

Student: Venkatapura, Arun
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: A Replicated Network File Service 


MS Graduated Students – Winter 1994

Student: Quick, Scott Allen
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: Structured Compiler Generator 

Student: Chen, Mei-Li
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Parallel Stereocorrelation using a Cluster of Workstations 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1993

Student: Basawa, Ravi Ishwar
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Analog Network Simulation 


MAMS Graduated Students – Fall 1993

Student: Mcconnell, Janice
Advisor: Steven Cater
Technical Report: Conversion of a Teaching Input-Output Library to a New System 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1993

Student: Ason, David Geoffrey
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Transaction Management 

Student: Panu, Erik Sean
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Thesis: Interspice: Interactive Sub-circuit Selection, Extraction, & Simulation Using SPICE 

Student: Powell, James Hubert
Advisor: Steven Cater
Thesis: Modula-2/WOLF: A Safe, Minimal, Object-Oriented Extension to Modula-2


MS Graduated Students – Winter 1993

Student: Jiang, Zhonghong
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: A Mathematical Microworld for Learning Introductory Probability: An Application of Artificial Intelligence in Education 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1992

Student: Payne, Linda Wright
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Student Modeling in Intelligent Tutoring Systems 

Student: Robles, Ruben
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: GLI Alberi: A Graphical User Interface for an Extended Relational Database System, POSTGRES 

Student: Thomas Jannet Lynne
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Thesis: Planarity Testing in Graphs: An Algorithmic Study 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1992

Student: Al-Salman, Abdulmalik
Advisor: Steven Cater
Thesis: Design and Implementation of a Profiler for the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) System 

Student: Basnayake, Eraj
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Reality Based Timing Determinations for Verilog Using Sylicom Compflations

Student: Holcomb, Mark Timothy
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: An Interactive VLSI Cell Placement Tool with Routing

Student: Jiang, Pei-Qing
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Thesis: Parallel and Vector Algorithms for Solving Teoplitz Systems of Equations 

Student: Puppala, Krishna
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Distributed Persistent Object Manager 

Student: Shivpuri, Anuradha
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Thesis: The Development of a Parallel Algorithm Visualization System (PAVS) 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1992

Student: Kao, Marisa
Advisor: Steven Cater
Technical Report: An X-Widonws-Based Bibliographic Database Browser

Student: Kao, Mei-Lun
Advisor:Steven Cater 

Student: Wan, Hao
Advisor: John Miller
Technical Report: Efficient Algorithms for Relational Database Normalization


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1992

Student: Parate, Nilesh
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Object-Oriented Databases: The Time Warp Protocols 

Student: Williams, Gita
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: Parallel Processing on Transputers 


MAMS Graduated Students – Winter 1992

Student: Chang, Shin-Kuang
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Technical Report: OOIGS: An Object Oriented Interactive Graphics System 

Student: Liaw, Jerjiann
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Technical Report: An Algorithm for Solving a 4-Diagonal Toeplitz Linear System of Equations on Vector Computers 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1991

Student: Carroll, John Branch II
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: A CLOS Implementation of the KDL Object-Oriented Database Management System 

Student: Gandham, Ravi Venkat
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Evaluation of Hybrids of Hill Climbing and Genetic Algorithms for Multiple Fault 

Student: Liu, Xiaoying
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Simulation of Multiversion Concurrency Control Protocols 

Student: Polamraju, Ramakrishna
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Databases for Engineering Applications 

Student: Tang, Jian
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Test Pattern Generation for VLSI Combinational Logic: An Approach Without Back-tracking 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1991

Student: Filipek, Michael Anthony
Advisor: Walter Potter
Technical Report: Sortedness Measures

Student: Housholder, Richard Daniel
Advisor: Walter Potter
Technical Report: An application program to regulate and document the dispensing of controlled substances 

Student: Jan, Minjane
Advisor: John Miller
Technical Report: Comparing Simulation World Views Using SIMODULA 

Student: Kim, Tae-Hoon
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Technical Report: Edge Detection Using a Pyramid Structure

Student: Sung, Li-Chuan
Advisor:Suchi Bhandarkar
Technical Report: Object Recognition on the Hypercube 

Student: Vandergrift, Scarlett Bragg
Advisor: Michael Covington
Technical Report: EQRATION: A Program That Computes Nutrient Requirements, Nutrient Content, and Sufficiency of an Equine Feeding Program


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1991

Student: Paul, Veena
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Meta Data and Knowledge Management in Knowledge/Data Model

Student: Misra, Rahul
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: Extraction of Logic Gate Networks from VLSI Layouts 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1991

Student: Wang, Chyi
Advisor: Jay Lee
Technical Report: A Computerized Vehicle Routing System for County School Buses - An Application of Geographic Information Systems

Student: Wang, Lu
Advisor: Walter Potter
Technical Report: A Geographic Information System Based on the Knowledge/Data Model


MS Graduated Students – Winter 1991

Student: Vemuri, Ravi Shankar
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Indexing Techniques in Relational and Object-Oriented Databases 


MAMS Graduated Students – Winter 1991

Student: Chou, Yen-Hwa Titan
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: A Simulator For Parallel Program Of One-Node-One-Processor Computer Model 

Student: Fox, Kenneth Lee
Advisor: Dan Everett
Technical Report: A Tale of Two Cities: Computer Decision Making at The University of Georgia and Young Harris College 

Student: Huang, Chung-Shih
Advisor: Suchi Bhandarkar
Technical Report: An Object-Oriented Interactive Graphics System


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1990

Student: Chandrasekaran, M.S.
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: AnI Interactive Simulator for VLSI Functional Verification 

Student: Harvel, Lonnie David
Advisor: Dan Everett
Thesis: A Study of Automatic Indexing: Theory and Experiments on Local Weighting in a Metric Based Retrieval System 

Student: Jian, Himanshu
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: VLSI Cell Layout Synthesis with Quality Analysis 

Student: Sharma, Anupam
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Thesis: A Postprocessor for Routed Channels 

Student: Sharma, Mary Renner
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: A Process-And-Data-Decomposition Parallel System – An Example

Student: Ucar, Ender
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: Schema Processing in the KDL Object-Oriented Database System 


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1990

Student: Keskin, Aytekin Ali
Advisor: John Miller
Thesis: A Query and Rule Processing System for the KDL Object-Oriented Database Systems 

Student: Robinson, Mary
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Thesis: A Process-And-Data Decomposition Parallel System – An Example 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1990

Student: Chen, Ching-Yi
Advisor: Hamid Arabnia
Technical Report: Vision-Based Input Device

Student: Lin, Tsai-Shi
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Technical Report: A Unix Socket-Based Implementation Of Spawning Stack Machine

Student: Zeng, Lingjia
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Technical Report: Web-Based Simulation of Lake Lanier Water Quality 


MS Graduated Students – Spring 1990

Student: Colbert, Anthony Earl
Advisor: Steven Cater
Thesis: Portable Compiler Design on a Concurrent Architecture: The Intel Hypercube 


MS Graduated Students – Fall 1989

Student: Chawla, Maninder Singh
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Thesis: DFSS: A Distributed File Sharing System 

Student: Wright, Anthony Dean
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Thesis: An Extended Relational Model for Temporal Information Management 


MAMS Graduated Students – Fall 1989

Student: Stradtman, Christopher
Advisor: Steven Cater
Technical Report: The Cosmic Abstract Retrieval System


MS Graduated Students – Summer 1989

Student: Morton, Anne Marie
Advisor: Walter Potter
Thesis: Conceptual Schema Design: A Knowledge-Based 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1989

Student: Hsu, I-Cheng
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Technical Report: Finite Automation Simulation Toolkit 

Student: Kessler, Vance Calhoun
Advisor: Walter Potter
Technical Report: A Query Language for the Knowledge/Data Model 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1989

Student: Han, Yenjo
Advisor: Krys Kochut
Technical Report: MLEX A Multi-language Lexical Scanner Generator 

Student: Pei, Chung-Min
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Inversion and Manipulation of Large Matrices on a Personal Computer

Student: Wu, Lihua
Advisor: Timothy Faust
Technical Report: Menu-Driven Image Processing System (MIPS) for Research and Development in Machine Vision Applications

Student: Zhong, Ling
Advisor:Thiab Taha


MAMS Graduated Students – Fall 1988

Student: Jiang, Jeng Long
Advisor: Dan Everett
Technical Report: WinComm, A Terminal Emulator Program on Microsoft Windows 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1988

Student: Chen, Jin-Hung
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Technical Report: A Petri Net Simulator 

Student: Cheng, Tsung-Yaw
Advisor: Dan Everett
Technical Report: The Design and Implementation of a Remote Unix Login System in an AT&T Network 

Student: Chou, Tsan-Ming Jimmy
Advisor: Orville Weyrich
Technical Report: Program Annotations on FORTRAN Read/Format Statements 

Student: Kao, Poulin
Advisor: Dan Everett
Technical Report: Tracer, An Interrupt Tracing Program for MS-DOS Based Microcomputer 

Student: Wang, Chao-Chun
Advisor: Timothy Faust
Technical Report: Defect Inspection of Veneer Surfaces Using Image Analysis 

Student: Yeh, Shou-Shan
Advisor: John Miller
Technical Report: Comparison of Khachiyan's Algorithm with the Simplex Algorithm 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1988

Student: Caulkins, Douglas Bruce
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: OZMA, A Modular Communications Program for the Zenith Z-200 and the Campbell Scientific 21XL Micrologger 

Student: Chen, Shew-Jen
Advisor: Donald Nute
Technical Report: STATCHEN: An Expert System for Selecting Statistical Methods 

Student: Chern, Jih-Shiang
Advisor: Orville Weyrich
Technical Report: A PC-Based Program for Characteristic Vector Analysis 

Student: Chiang, Wen-Ho
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: Networking on the Sun-3

Student: Suen, Kuen-Yuan
Advisor: John Miller
Technical Report: Development of a Modula-2 Simulation System and A Simulation Study of a Virtual Memory System 

Student: Wu, Jane-Jane
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: A Transparent Distributed File System for a PC Network 


MAMS Graduated Students – Winter 1988

Student: Moore, James Michael
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: The Trainer On-Line Documentation (TOLD) Configuration Management System for Documentation 

Student: Rice, Kenneth Allen
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: Estimating Nucleotide sequence divergence from polymorphism in nucleotide sequences and restriction maps 


MAMS Graduated Students – Fall 1987

Student: Baxter, Susan Marie
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: Automated Data Acquisition and Analysis 

Student: Blane Kathleen
Advisor: Steven Cater
Technical Report: Prototype Development and Testing of the Topological Information and Retrieval System 

Student: Chang, Ming-Hsiung
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Evaluation of Pearson's Distribution on an IBM Personal Computer 

Student: Chao, Chihlung Jimmy
Advisor: Orville Weyrich
Technical Report: An approach to predicting program quality using data complexity metrics and Halstead's measures 

Student: Chen, Jing-Jung
Advisor: Dan Everett
Technical Report: A network simulation model of an asparagus canning facility 

Student: Chiang, Siao-Ling
Advisor: Dan Everett
Technical Report: Simulation for an automated warehouse by SLAM II 

Student: Jin, Bai-Xue Jane
Advisor: Steven Cater
Technical Report: Machine Translation and the Multipurpose German Drill System 

Student: Reidel, Justus Klaus
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: The Development and Implementation of a Memory Resident Communication Program Utilizing the Token Passing Access Method 

Student: Saengchote, Su-Achanee
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: High Precision Calculation in BASIC 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1987

Student: Hu, Ji Xoing
Advisor: Dan Everett
Technical Report: Analysis of threshold scheduling using a Markov process 

Student: Jean, Ing-San
Advisor: Orville Weyrich
Technical Report: Loosely coupled system 

Student: Khalil, Latif Ahmad
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: A Preprocessor for extending Turbo Pascal to include a large integer data type 

Student: Mathur, Anup
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: An 8087 implementation of a large integer library 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1987

Student: Gonzalez, Hector Omar
Advisor: Gerald Adkins
Technical Report: Adkins A prototype of a local area network for microcomputers 

Student: Jarrio, Daniel Joseph
Advisor: Gerald Adkins
Technical Report: Microcomputer communications examples and the OSI frame of reference 


MAMS Graduated Students – Winter 1987

Student: Curry Cheryl Ruth
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: Tessellations in the Hyperbolic Plane 

Student: Harris, Deborah
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: Survey of Expert Systems 


MAMS Graduated Students – Fall 1986

Student: Chu, Pay-Shang
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Item Analysis 

Student: Jung, Hayoung
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Recursive Dynamic Allocation Illustrated by a Fibonacci Sort-Merge Procedure 

Student: Kim, Su Hey
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Virtual Cluster Analysis 

Student: Unhanandana, Rachada
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Random Number Generation under Arbitrary Distributions 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1986

Student: Bobba, Vijay Sreenivas
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Technical Report: An Automated Routing System for Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards 

Student: Chang, Ching-Chao
Advisor: Robert Robinson
Technical Report: The Finite-State Machine Simulator 

Student: Dorminy, Mark Edward
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: An Interactive Editor for VLSI Design 

Student: Lai, Ruey-Houng
Advisor: Gerald Adkins
Technical Report: The Design and Implementation of a LAN Based on a Token Ring Protocol 

Student: Loo, Yow-Jin
Advisor: Gerald Adkins
Technical Report: The Design and Implementation of a Local Area Network for Microcomputers 

Student: Suen, Yuh-Yann Jou
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: Computer Generation of Surfaces in Three-Dimensional Space


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1986

Student: Chao, Ping-Cheng
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Technical Report: Comparison of Running Time of Different Computer Systems Utilized in Solving Certain Nonlinear Evolution Equation by Several Numerical Methods 

Student: Cheruvu, Radhakrishna
Advisor: Gerald Adkins
Technical Report: The Design and Implementation of a Graduate Student Advising System Using R:Base 5000 

Student: Hsu, Chi Chen
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: An LALR(1) Parse Table Generator with case studies in C, Standard Pascal, and Turbo Pascal 

Student: Sim, Cheng Hwa
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Evaluation of Normal Probability in High Precision on a Personal Computer 

Student: Tangren, Charles David
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Using a Pascal Program to Perform an Analysis of Variance on an Irregular Two-Way Design 


MAMS Graduated Students – Winter 1986

Student: Askew, Delmar
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: A Pascal Computer Solution for Differential Equations in Compartmental Analysis 

Student: Chen, I.
Advisor: Ronald Clarke
Technical Report: Inventory System Analysis for Beech Island Auto Parts Store 

Student: Clarke, Alice Lynn
Advisor: Gerald Adkins
Technical Report: Development of a Quiz Preparation Data Base System 

Student: Digioia, Frank Edward
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: EOS User's Manual 

Student: Lu, Jen-Shin
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: A Backtracking method of finding solutions to the puzzle "Hexed". Remarks on the programming language LISP. 

Student: Saxena, Manoj
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: Smoothing of Data Using Orthogonal Polynomials 


MAMS Graduated Students – Fall 1985

Student: Clancey, Carolyn
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Technical Report: Two Initial Placement Algorithms 

Student: Knees, Max Carl
Advisor: Randy Tuler
Technical Report: Construction of a Lisp Interpreter Part One 

Student: Lin, Sufen
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Technical Report: The Constructive Initial Placement Method in VLSI 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1985

Student: Buck, Diane
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann
Technical Report: An Application of the Binary Knapsack Problem Simulation of an Aquatic Ecosystem: Compartmental Analysis in an Open System 

Student: Teel, John Murray
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: A Study of Micro-computer Graphics 


MAMS Graduated Students – Winter 1985

Student: Marquez, Esteban
Advisor: James Epperson 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1984

Student: Chu, Jee Huh
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: A Case Study of Algorithm-Development and Microprogramming for the Cyber-Plus (CDC AFP) System 

Student: Lee, Seok Hua
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: The Development of a C-Computer 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1983

Student: Dennis, Ann Weir
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Technical Report: CAD Logic Simulation for Board-Level Design 

Student: Dilworth, Melody
Advisor: Jeff Smith
Technical Report: Logic Level Simulator for Computer-Aided Design 

Student: Tsai, Sien ang
Advisor: Thiab Taha
Technical Report: On Comparison of Numerical Methods for Solving Second Order Differential Equations 


MAMS Graduated Students – Fall 1982

Student: Hwung, Chun Yanq
Advisor: Michael Brannigan
Technical Report: Implementation of Dual Network Flow Algorithm for Minimal Cost Scheduling 


MAMS Graduated Students – Spring 1981

Student: Wu, Chi-Pu
Advisor: E. R. Canfield
Technical Report: Linear Programming on the Cyber 18-30 


MAMS Graduated Students – Summer 1980

Student: Arnold, Forest W. 
Advisor: Rolf Bargmann 
Technical Reprot: Implementation of a Stepwise Regression Program for the Cyber 18/30.